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 About Our School
an ABT Curriculum School
Elevé Ballet Academy is committed to the highest level of excellence in ballet training. It is our belief that every child should receive the same quality instruction in a supportive environment whether they will develop into professional dancers or choose other careers. Our instructors use the most current and cutting edge information available to dance educators in order to ensure the safe and proper development of their students. Correct technique and consideration for the physical abilities and limitations of each student is vital in training healthy, strong, and versatile dancers.
Our Academy Program is based on a carefully developed syllabus strongly rooted in the Italian (Cecchetti) method with influences from the Russian and French methods. 
The Future of Elevé Ballet Academy
In 2006 the United States Congress recognized American Ballet Theatre as “America’s National Ballet Company”. In their continued efforts to bring quality ballet to the widest possible audience within the U.S., ABT announced in 2007 their National Teacher Training Curriculum. The purpose of this training curriculum is to give teachers around the country the knowledge and tools to safely and properly train young dancers and prepare them for future careers as professional dancers and to cultivate a more knowledgeable and appreciative ballet audience.
ABT began offering their teacher training intensives at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre in NYC in the summer of 2008. The process to gain a teaching certificate from ABT and then to become an affiliated school takes approximately 3-4 years to complete. Our teachers at Pacific Arts Ballet are very proud and excited to be amongst the first dance educators in the country to begin work towards this lofty goal. Though it will be several years before the process is complete, EBA has taken the first steps and our Academy Program (Primary – Level 3) will be taught using the ABT curriculum. It is our goal that by Fall ’14 EBA students will take part in examinations administered by representatives of ABT.
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It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.
~Shanna LaFleur